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DPM 1801: Resolving Error 4387

Just spent the whole day trying to re-install DPM 1801 (Server 2016 / SQL 2016 SP2 CU5) after major issues, only for it to fail with the dreaded “4387” error..

Already had SSMS v16.5.3 installed so wasn’t that. spent several hours of retries, including a reinstall of SSMS 16.5 with no luck.

Eventually got it installed by running “mofcomp” to recompile all the SQL Server MOF’s..

Fortunately, I had a powershell script that loops through each version of SQL Server:

Reran the DPM Installer and bingo! It started to install

OSD – Remove Builtin Apps from Windows 10

For those not using LTSB but still want to remove all those builtin apps that come with Windows 10, the following script is what you need!

This will blanket remove all apps unless in theĀ $WhiteListedApps array.

To get a list of the apps you need to run:

Copy the value in the “Name” Column into theĀ $WhiteListedApps array to ensure its not removed. Some apps may be dependant on other apps, so make sure you test thoroughly!

Once you are happy, save it to a sub-folder where you keep your Source files and create a new ConfigMgr package without a a program. Once created, edit it and under the Data Souece tab enter the path to the folder you created above. Deploy it to your DPs.

Now edit your task sequence and create a new powershell step as shown here

And there you go! If you’ve done it right, then only the whitelisted apps will be installed on the target machine.


(I cannot take credit for the script – that honour goes to SCConfigMgr)
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